Self-publishing update:

I am extremely excited about the process of self-publishing.  My manuscript is with the editors and the illustrator has started working on the images.  I was given a copy of the first images that were produced.  I am very excited.  I was able to make a couple subtle suggestions for changes to get the characters to look more like what I image them to look like.  I can not wait to see the next drawings and for you to get to experience the finished product.

Deciding to Self Publish

I had this idea for a children’s picture book that would teach children how giving to others in need, even giving something as small as a pencil, can bless the recipient greatly.  That idea turned into The Blue Pencil.  Since this was my first attempt at writing a book, I joined local writing groups to help me determine what to do with the manuscript.  With many ideas, suggestion and personal experiences shared, I began my attempt at getting my story published.  I spent time in book stores and the library reading children’s books to see which publishers published books similar to mine.  I began sending it out to different publishers who informed me that they would not respond for 6 months and that they will only respond if they were interested in the book for their company.  That is hard to swallow when you pour your heart into a story and can not wait to share it with others.  With 20 query letters out there, I decided I would wait 3 months and then publish it on my own.  So that is where I find myself today.  I am going to self publish.  I am extremely excited.  I developed a website to get the information about my book out to the public;  I can not wait for you to get to read my book and to officially become an published author.  I chose Pen It! Publications to publish my book.

Here we go!  Follow me on my journey to publishing my book The Blue Pencil.