National High Five Day April 18th

high five image

The One Kindness at a Time series is about giving whatever you can to spread love and joy throughout the world.  In The Blue Pencil, Johnny gives his favorite blue pencil to a little girl who has no school supplies.  In The Lucky Beads, Zoya makes a beautiful strand of beads from Coral tree seeds to give to a sad little girl she saw at the market.  These two gifts have different origins but create similar results of joy.  Tomorrow is National High Five Day.  This holiday was started in 2002 by college students on the campus of the University of Virginia.  The purpose of this holiday is to spread good vibes by giving high fives.  This is an easy and free way to spread joy and love to those around you.

Challenge yourself this Thursday, April 18th.

How many high fives can you?

How many high fives can you give to strangers?

How many high fives resulted in a returned smile?

One Kindness at a Time really can have a positive impact our world! hearts


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